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Picoi The Game Boy Creature Picoi The Game Boy Creature

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

keep it simple :)

keeping it simple doesn't mean you don't have something to say in terms of music :) i like this one for it's simplicity.

The melody lines are well thought, this could be a part of past time 80's video game for a nes or a gameboy :)

DaVince responds:

Thanks! I tried to only use samples (square waves and what not) that the Game Boy could actually handle.

No Homers Club No Homers Club

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like

i just stumbled upon this one by a remix and after that i wanted to listen the original... which was really cool stuff comparing to the remix. thumbs up. keep on rocking!

midimachine responds:

whoa, who did a remix of this? :V

T-Rainclouds and Distractions T-Rainclouds and Distractions

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

hammering the piano is not art

Firstly sorry for this one, i came just from bar, so the review might be highly biased...

I'm not enjoying this one as it has drums and all that strings and for piano part... every note is equal weighted and like hammered forcefully in place they doesn't belong. In piano music is all about the feeling and the little nuances in the over all expression. Looks like you used either mouse or computer keyboard to hammer the notes in place. Sorry again, i don't know your musical background and skill level, but in piano music this is not the point, it's all in the overall performance, and looking at your age you should be able to deliver better experience... perhaps use a midi keyboard to play the notes live to sequencer to get better experience out the performance. Getting a midi keyboard is not that much of bucks away and you should have that kind of income anyway... :)

for reference shall i present one of my favourites.. Claude Debussy - Clair de luna... from youtube i found this one suitable for example for good reference: 94Zws

see how the notes are not hammered in place, but every note has elegantly it's magical touch in the performance. sorry again, i just came from bar and had look on this one, i know my taste is demanding and don't hesitate to give harsh feedback when i feel like it, even if I can't even myself take my own music to the level i want but i try my best on my behalf :/